We help Maine municipalities create communities they can be proud of. Our team of civil engineers and landscape architects work all across the state providing solutions that Maine towns and cities rely on.

Our Civil Engineering Capabilities

If a new construction or renovation project involves moving the earth or managing water, a civil engineer can help make the process a success. Some of the professional services WBRC’s civil engineering team provides to public sector and private sector clients include:

  • Boundary and Topographical Survey
  • Site Selection
  • Master Plans
  • Permitting (Local, State, Federal)
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Environmental Services
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Road and Parking Lot Layout Analysis and Design 
  • Transportation Analysis, Planning, and Design
  • Utilities Infrastructure Analysis, Coordination, and Design
  • Storm Water Management, Quality Control, and Planning
  • Water and Wastewater Assessment, Design, and Treatment
  • Wetland/Vernal Pool Mitigation
  • Full CAD Project Support
  • Site Layout Design
  • Pedestrian Circulation Design (compliant with ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines)
  • Site Lighting Design
  • Preparation of Procurement Documents
  • Bid Assistance
  • Construction Administration
  • Traffic/Parking Planning
  • Site Programming
  • Parks and Open Space Design
  • Landform Analysis and Design, Grading
  • Planting and Space Development
  • Urban Renewal and Streetscape Design
  • Wayfinding and Signage
  • Grading Design
  • Infrastructure Assessment, Design and Maintenance Planning
  • LEED Building Design and Certification
  • Sediment and Erosion Control

About WBRC Civil Engineers

Grounded Problem-Solvers

WBRC’s experienced team of civil engineers provides professional services for both the private and public sectors. These services might be part of a full-service project team or as a focused consulting or peer review assignment.

Civil engineers start every project by understanding the lay of the land — both figuratively and literally. If a WBRC civil engineer is in the field, you know he or she is a licensed and experienced professional engineer (P.E.). Every day, these knowledgeable professionals help clients make code-compliant design decisions while balancing scope, schedule, and budget.

Image: South Portland Middle School  |  South Portland, ME

Roles and Project Types

For a new building or addition, WBRC’s civil engineering team takes the lead in site planning and analysis, permitting, and design of the building site and its associated parking area and roadways.

Our civil team also leads projects that don’t involve building structures, such as roadways, streetscapes, parks, and trails. While we often think of these engineers as dealing with the earth, they also understand and design water systems.

Image: Hartford Fire Station  |  Augusta, ME

Collaboration with Landscape Architecture

For many projects, WBRC’s civil engineers will collaborate with our in-house team of landscape architects to analyze, design, illustrate, and communicate the solution.

While landscape architects share many of the skills and knowledge base of civil engineers, these professionals specialize in big picture design themes, aesthetics, public presentation, and user-focused decisions such as the arrival experience. Landscape architects also help guide decisions on horticultural plantings, trees, grass, and man-made assets such as streetscapes.

Image: Capehart Play Park  |  Bangor, ME

Civil Engineering & Land Use Team


Michael Guethle, PE

Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Department Manager

Toby Michaud, PE

Senior Civil Engineer

Rob Frank, PE, LEED AP

Senior Principal, Board Chair, CBDO, Civic & Commercial Studio Director, Civil Engineer

Ray Bolduc, PE, LEED AP

President & CEO, Senior Principal, Civil Engineer

David Woodward, PLA, CLARB

Landscape Architect, Land Use Department Manager

Paul Brody, PLA, CLARB

Principal, Chief Finance & Operations Officer, Landscape Architect