Ten New Design Professionals at WBRC

newteammembers2016In addition to two new architects, 10 A/E professionals have joined WBRC Architects Engineers in 2016, eight in architecture and two in engineering.

Most of these individuals have the official title of “intern,” a term often misunderstood. In most professional settings, an intern is a student gaining job experience for a summer or semester. In the A/E industry, interns are college graduates who are on their way to becoming professionally licensed. While the requirements vary from state to state, all U.S. jurisdictions require a similar combination of education, training, and examinations.

For architects, becoming licensed generally requires a five-year architecture degree or bachelor’s plus master’s degrees. That education must be followed by many hours of on the job training, as well as passing a rigorous series of exams. Becoming a licensed professional engineer is similar, requiring a four-year engineering degree, with extensive on the job training requirements and successfully completing two examinations.

The following architectural interns, engineering interns, and architectural designers joined WBRC in 2016:

Bangor, ME office

  • Jacob Wheeler
  • Christopher Larrabee
  • Jacob Wheeler

Portland, ME office

  • Bradley Baker
  • Adam Comstock
  • Benjamin Stoodley
  • Siobhan Baker

Lakewood Ranch, FL office

  • Ronald Reyes
  • Rafik Accad

Bangor, ME office

  • Sean Seeley
  • Drew Van Steenberghe