• Family-Style Senior Living Prototype

Family-Style Senior Living Prototype

New England and Gulf Coast

Location(s): Northern New England
U.S. Gulf Coast

Client: Non-Disclosed

Over the past several years, WBRC’s Healthcare Studio leadership has been working with long-term care providers to create a small Family-Style Home Model that performs well on every level — quality of life, safety, cost to build, long-term operational efficiencies, and flexibility to expand as needs change.

The Family-Style Model is not just about an approach to building and grounds design. Residents, upon arrival, agree to participate in decision-making with the group, as well as prepare meals in teams. This engages all residents for the benefit of the entire home. Studies show that residents who live in such a community enjoy better social interactions and a heightened sense of belonging and responsibility, resulting in improved health and quality of life.

Because of their relatively small size, Family-Style Senior Communities can be built within the fabric of existing communities, often becoming infill buildings in neighborhoods close to where residents have lived and raised families.

This prototype is being customized for two distinct U.S. climate areas: Northern New England, and the U.S. Gulf Coast. As part of this prototype study, WBRC has been modeling operating costs as proof positive that these small homes can be financially viable in large cities or small rural towns, cold climates or subtropical ones.