We are in the design business at WBRC. We’re also in the people business. Here are some of the tools the firm has in place to help you and your loved ones stay well, recharge, grow your personal equity, and develop professionally.

Health Coverage

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for health insurance. That’s why WBRC offers two major plans to choose from, with options for single coverage, employee plus spouse, or entire families.

Health & HSA

Full-time employees can choose between an HSA plan (which includes HSA contributions by WBRC) and a PPO plan.


The premiums for WBRC’s optional dental and vision plans are able to be paid by pre-tax dollars. AFLAC is available, too.

Parental Leave

Parents who have been at WBRC 1+ years receive an extra 4 weeks paid leave to spend with their newborn or adopted child.


As the boundary between work and personal time continues to blur, it’s important that busy professionals have wiggle room in their schedules — whether it’s to pick up kids, take a mental health day, or work from home, or keep on eye on Fido.


PTO (Paid Time Off) makes unused sick days a thing of the past. WBRC also gives you 10 paid holidays.

Working Remotely

With WBRC’s virtual work environment, you can work anywhere there’s an internet connection. Work times are fairly flexible, too.

Pet Visits

Own a dog? Well-behaved ones can hang out with you at your workstation at our Maine or Florida offices. Just sign up.


WBRC uses third-party industry standards to make sure our wages are regionally competitive based on qualifications, experience, and job responsibilities. Also, each quarter, any company profits are shared with all employees.


Our firm uses national data, updated annually, to establish pay levels for each position, with merit and cost-of-living raises available.


Saving for retirement is encouraged, and WBRC’s employer match program will help your nest egg grow faster.

Profit Sharing

WBRC’s ownership team shares a portion of each quarter’s profits with everyone on staff.

Career Advancement

We are looking for extraordinary people to join our team and help us make a difference. You may be early-career, officially in retirement, or somewhere in between. What matters is that you use your skills and talents in a place you enjoy being every day. Could WBRC be your new work home? Contact us today to start the inquiry process.

Licensure / Memberships

The firm covers the cost licensure in the states WBRC works in, as well as fees for your work-aligned professional memberships.

Continuing Education

Weekly lunch-and-learns help you maintain CEUs. Additional professional designations are also encouraged and assisted.

Leadership Opportunities

Employee-led initiatives abound at WBRC, with small groups working on everything from process improvement to office gatherings.