Interview with Professional Designer Stephanie Jewell


In 1951, the National Society of Professional Engineers initiated Engineer’s Week to highlight the important role engineers play in our society. It’s been celebrated every year since. E-Week events and publicity also focus on attracting young people to the profession.

In honor of E-Week, we’ve asked some of WBRC’s newer engineers and engineers-to-be about their chosen careers.

Stephanie Jewell – Professional Designer, EI

Stephanie Jewell is a multi-skilled professional with a wide range of interests. She joined our team during the first COVID shutdown and needed to get up to speed in a remote work environment. During one virtual meeting, she found out a WBRC teammate was also her next-door neighbor!

Why did you become an engineer? What attracted you to this profession?

I started in Biomedical engineering, and I wanted to work with STEM cells and prosthetics. I added getting a Mechanical Engineering degree in my 3rd year of college. I wanted to be able to incorporate Biomechanical principles more easily, and I fell in love with the accessibility that comes along with Mechanical Engineering. You can live in most cities and do anything you want with such a diverse degree.

What traits do you think are needed to be successful in your engineering discipline?

Tenacity, willingness to listen to others, and enjoying math and science.

What would you say to a young person who is interested in becoming an engineer but unsure if they have what it takes?

You can do anything you want with engineering. There are a million ways to mold it, and you may change your goals throughout your program, and most likely you can find a way to incorporate your new interests into engineering if you look hard enough.

Is there anything else you’d like people to know?

I also have a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering.