• Brewer Performing Arts Center

Brewer Performing Arts Center

Brewer, ME

Location(s): 92 Pendleton Street
Brewer, ME

Client: Brewer Public School

Size: 487 seats

Contractor: Nickerson & O’Day

Brewer Performing Arts Center (PAC) is a 487-seat facility located within Brewer Community School, a 156,000 SF school serving grades pre-K through 8.

The performing arts center serves both students and the wider community, and features professional quality theatrical lighting and state-of-the-art audio system, capable of 24-track recording, enabling professional recording of live performances.

Brewer Performing Arts Center’s outstanding acoustics were achieved by the room’s strategic geometry along with acoustic wall treatments and clouds. A projector and screen enables film presentations, and good sight lines mean “all seats are good seats” at Brewer PAC.

Other performance-friendly amenities include a dedicated entrance, loading dock, ready room, dressing rooms, and a Clear-Com two-way-radio system. Brewer Performing Arts Center can also accommodate guests who are hard of hearing by broadcasting audio to 20 listening-assist devices.