• Cape Integrative Health & Townhouses
  • Cape Integrative Health & Townhouses

Cape Integrative Health & Townhouses

Cape Elizabeth, ME

Location(s): 12 Hill Way

Client: Two Penguin Properties

Contractor: Benchmark Construction

Construction has begun for a new mixed-use development in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. This mixed-use facility will house healthcare offices on the ground level and 10 townhouse-style market-rate apartments above.

The larger of the buildings will be home to 3,900 SF offices for Cape Integrative Health. The second building will include a new 2,500 SF performance and rehabilitation suite. The owners plan to live in one of the 10 townhouse apartments.

The project is the first multi-family housing development in Cape Elizabeth in about a decade, and will bring needed housing options to the area. The facility evokes a coastal New England feel with craftsman style and detailing. The mixed-use building was a collaboration between WBRC’s commercial and healthcare design studios.

WBRC’s careful site design was key to the plan’s acceptance by the town planning board. The approved plan needed to meet Town Center standards and also provide a pleasing vista, as it will be one of the first properties visitors see when entering Cape Elizabeth’s Town Center. The site design augments existing trees and native vegetation with regionally-appropriate plantings, complementing well-designed parking, porous pavement, fencing, lighting, and walkways.

The project is being developed by the husband and wife team behind Cape Integrative Health (CIH), formerly Cape Chiropractic and Acupuncture, a local healthcare practice. Dr. Zev Myerowitz Jr. is the director of chiropractic services and specializes in sports performance. Amber Myerowitz is the director of acupuncture services and specializes in traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition to providing a new apartment home for themselves and nine other families, the project will enable CIH to serve patients in a space more than triple the size of its current facility.