Paul F. Brody


Principal, Chief Finance & Operations Officer, Landscape Architect

Paul Brody is a WBRC Firm Principal, the firm’s Chief Finance and Operations Officer, and a Landscape Architect with 18 years of experience. In his role as a Landscape Architect, Paul provides program development, site inventory and analysis, master planning, site circulation, grading, planting, hardscape design, and permitting for all market sectors, along with public presentation and charrette facilitation, rendering, and presentation graphics.

As Chief Finance and Operations Officer, Paul manages finance, operations, and technology by directing and coordinating activities consistent with established goals, objectives, and policies. He leads the firm’s team of project managers and department leaders to continually refine the WBRC “way” of doing work, balancing useful standards with innovative improvements, resulting in higher-quality deliverables. He implements and oversees technical and operational programs to ensure attainment of business plan and champions change in internal processes and technical/operational initiatives while monitoring work flow and staff utilization rates and resolves workload-related peaks and valleys through reallocation of resources across studios and regions.

Paul is a native of Maine with studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Maine and in arts at Allegheny Community College. He is a graduate of West Virginia University (B.S., Landscape Architecture) and is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architecture and the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB).

  • 207.947.4511