• Indian Island LEED Homes
  • Indian Island LEED Homes
  • Indian Island LEED Homes
  • Indian Island LEED Homes
  • Indian Island LEED Homes

Indian Island LEED Homes

Indian Island, ME

Location(s): Susep Lane
Indian Island, ME

Client: Penobscot Nation Housing Authority

Size: 1,265 SF

Sustainable Certifications LEED Gold (six awards)

Contractor: D.P. Porter Contractors

Through collaboration with local lenders and the U.S. government, tribal member home ownership has risen among the Penobscot Nation on Indian Island through the creation of 12 single family homes — six of them Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified.

Designed by WBRC for the Penobscot Nation Housing Authority, the homes are framed by woods, with strong connections to cultural and historic locations, and by the cultural focus of the river, boating, and recreation activities. The development consists of 11 three-bedroom homes at 1,265 SF and one four-bedroom home at 1,478 SF. Compact one-story homes line an access road and then transition to a trail network leading to a ceremonial circle.

The LEED Gold housing includes radiant hydronic floors, solar hot water systems, blown-in insulation, and efficient framing. The many regional materials include local wood, such as cherry cabinets and maple flooring.

LEED features include:

  • Indoor Water Use; High Efficiency Toilets (1.28GPF), Shower Heads (1.5 GPM) up to 40% water savings.
  • Combustion Venting; carbon monoxide detection system, and direct vent, sealed combustion heating boiler.
  • Outdoor Air Ventilation; heat recovery system providing constant ventilation air to dwelling unit.
  • Space Heating Plant; Oil fired 86.5% efficient boiler, with “Energy Star” programmable thermostats.
  • Solar Domestic Water Heating; 65% efficient, vacuum tube solar collectors providing up to 54% of annual domestic hot water load.
  • Energy Star Lighting with “Advanced Lighting” package.
  • Environmentally Preferable Products and Local Products
  • Efficient framing to minimize materials and waste
  • Awareness & Education of Green Design was presented to the public and homeowners.